i'm everyone, everywhere, with you, without you, unbound, set free, in limbo, lost at sea


adding onto poems written years ago, branching out, resolving 

the scent lingers from your coat
silhouette mountains
a voice like misty moonlight
sneaking in through the clouds
and i sigh.
it's not that cold tonight, is it?

the ghost of the bubble tea was clingy
much like myself.
i could still taste it on the roof of my mouth,
haunting my tongue as the rain drenched us
we remained staring at the ground
and conversing about
and nothing at the same time.
the moment i dreaded waited around the corner
you told me to be careful,
although my house was right there

late at night
i fall asleep
because i am afraid of hanging up
of course,
not before the "i love you"'s are exchanged
the next week
you say you love:
no one
and have:
did you forget about those calls?

my scent lingers on your coat
and you breathe in deep
i'm clingy
and so are you
on the phone
we talk about everything
and everything
and everything
and i love you
and you love me
and i have you
you have me
and i'll never forget, even if i tried
all of those failed attempts
the tears and ache
were worth it

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