moon of pluto

maya ocean charon

my eyeballs need COLOUR

there are many people whose blogs are centred around beauty/lifestyle like a self-published fashion magazine, or they post about their daily lives, family, etc. some people just post the things they create like poetry or photography.


I am not really sure what I want to do with my blog yet. it feels good to have my own space on the internet but there's nothing in particular that I want to do with it.


On another note I am looking to buy a pair of colour contact lenses because I like the look, but I am far-sighted(hyperopia) and, to make matters worse, my right eye is plano. So, the cheapest pair I can get to fit my needs is $40 not including shipping + handling, and they're also the yearly lenses that turn your eye into a barren desert wastland by sucking all of the moisture out. here is something amusing yet sad: