moon of pluto

maya ocean charon


I dream of being like Anne Frank, or Anaïs Nin, how their diaries were famously known and read even decades after their deaths. But of course I don't want to experience the terrifying prospect of war like Anne, or the STD-ridden scandals of Anaïs. There's a price to pay for safety and that's boredom. So I think my diary would just get laughed at. 


A girl's diary is filled with her secrets, yet theirs were published and translated into different tongues for all the world to absorb. I think that the closest I could get to that would be to publish my diary myself. Privacy in the 21st century is a joke. I have no secrets. I am baring it all here. 


I've always thought that keeping a diary is too self-indulgent. Even now, I feel disgusting writing this. 


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