moon of pluto

maya ocean charon

post-goodnight existentialism



i'm in a different place now than i used to be before and it makes me wonder how different i'll be next year. and the year after. i'm drifting away from everything and everybody that i thought were the constants in my life and i just don't have a sense of trust anymore. i don't know what will happen next.

old poetry i don't understand still seems to apply to the present day- "fearing the future, missing the past." is life wasted if all i ever do is look back? i digress. maybe someday i'll get over it.

change is something that, i think, i've already accepted. it's just harder to get back up on my feet once it's happened. and it's as if i'm on a stranded island with everything i once had, lost in the ocean.

at least i have you. you're the only thing keeping me together.