i'm everyone, everywhere, with you, without you, unbound, set free, in limbo, lost at sea


have you ever made a new year's resolution that you kept?


no. i have commitment issues lol

also, isn't the name kind of funny? new year's "resolution", like you're trying to resolve an issue? to me, posing a resolution for yourself just seems like creating yet another issue, yet another hurdle, to tackle. like you're already just fine as you are, but you're just weeding out small discrepancies to fix. improving yourself just for the sake of improving yourself.

i don't have a problem with new year's resolutions, nor do i have a problem with those who decide to make them. i just have a problem understanding it all. it's one of those things that, at my age, i have the privilege to dismiss with a simple "maybe i'll get it when i'm older and more experienced." there are other things for a teenager to be worried about than using a new year as an excuse to fabricate life issues or resolve already existing ones.

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