i'm everyone, everywhere, with you, without you, unbound, set free, in limbo, lost at sea

a letter

to all my forgotten blogs, diaries, and journals alike,

i am sorry. there are so many of you, but i am sorry to each and every one. as you know, i have a bit of a commitment problem. okay, maybe more than a bit. but a problem nonetheless. the amount of times i've written one, two entries and just left is astounding. i am so sorry for neglecting you all. and because of my insolence, the amount of notebooks of varying shapes and sizes containing thoughts and words i wouldn't dare let anyone read lying around is frighteningly high. what are the chances that my mother could read a single diary entry and know, just from those paragraphs, all the lying and wrong that i had done? that my boyfriend could, with a few clicks here and there, or by leafing through a dusty book, come across my embarrassing, lovelorn poetry — written in a time long before him and i? frightening, i say. i also apologize to the trees killed to manufacture these empty books, and the servers hosting these bare blogs. and to the many thoughts i could have jotted down but was just too lazy to do so.

but trees grow back, websites shut down. new thoughts are churned out by the second. i am sorry. and i hope i am forgiven for all the times i promise to start writing again but i'm




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